One On One Private Coaching
Unlock Your Full Potential To Lifelong Health & Well-Being 
One On One Private Coaching
Unlock Your Full Potential To Lifelong Health & Well-Being 

No matter where you are in your health and life, it doesn't matter. I believe that we have the power to heal our skin and body, NATURALLY. I've done it and now hundreds of my students and clients are doing it too. And, now, it's YOUR turn.

Here's How It Works
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What If You Can Shortcut Your Path To Accelerated Healing?

"Your body loves your unconditionally, it's constantly fighting for you, not against you. We ALL have the power to heal naturally from the inside out.

Whether you are a mother, a wife, a coach, a leader, a healer, or a doctor, you deserve to heal NATURALLY, on your own terms so you can live your best life.

Everything I do is results-oriented. I've proven my systems and techniques on hundreds of students and clients to heal their skin and body. And now it's YOUR turn."

Choose An Option To Work With Amy Privately
Quick analysis
Phone/Skype Support
  • 30 Min Virtual Coaching Session
  • Identify Concerns
  • Quick Analysis & Advice
  • Complete Q&A (to all of your questions)
Complete Assessment
Phone/Skype Support
  • 1 Hour Virtual Coaching Session
  • 24 Hour Response To Book Session
  • Complete Analysis & Plan Delivered
  • Full Q&A (to all of your questions)
Monthly Program
Limited To 5 clients!
Phone/Skype Support
  • 4x1 Hour Virtual Coaching Session
  • Unlimited Email Access For One-Month
  • Complete Analysis & Plan, Full Q&A (to all of your questions)
  • Full Q&A (to all of your questions)
Complete lifestyle redesign & coaching
Phone/Skype Support
  • By Application Only
  • Full Body, Mind, And Spirit Realignment
  • Details To Be Determined Based On Your Health & Life Goals
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90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

My goal is for this to be THE breakthrough that will finally help you heal your skin & body from the inside out. If you applied what you learned from this program, but for some reason you feel like this isn't for you, then reach out to me within 90 days and get a full and prompt refund. But of course if you are like most, this experience will change your life.

Students & Client Success Stories

Imagine How Your Skin & Body Would Feel If You Started Months Ago, Just Like Our Past Students & Clients:
Sharon Took Charge Of Her Breakouts!
"Within the first week, I started noticing a big improvement."

"Amy filled me with so much knowledge and has been just one of the best things that’s happened to me..."

"If you are thinking about joining this program, a hundred percent do it. You will not regret it!"
Rio Is Now Free From Eczema & Acne After 3 Weeks!
"My eczema, acne and dark circles around my eyes were GONE after 3 weeks!"

"It almost feels like a miracle because after four days, I already saw an improvement in my skin."

"Week 2 came around and all the spots were getting smaller. Then week 3 came around and they were almost barely visible."

"I had tried every prescription medicine, antibiotics, all the high-end and low-end products, and creams out there. And, nothing was helping."

"The thing that I have loved about Amy’s course is that she took us on a holistic journey of transformation. It has truly been transformational and I know that so many more people are going to be impacted through this program."
Angie Cleared Her Skin By Using Food As Medicine
"My skin has completely cleared up, and I highly highly recommend Amy’s system to anyone!"

"Amy has truly shifted my perspective on food and my relationship with food."

"I would describe Amy as someone just really in-tune with just a spiritual, soul connection of the body and with what the body is asking for."

"I would recommend this to anyone and I'm just really excited for anyone who goes for this journey."
All The Eczema Around Jess' Eyes Were Gone In Just 5 Days!
"In a matter of five days, the eczema around my eyes… gone! I truly followed this plan to a tee and it was so worth it."

"When Amy showed me that I can heal my body, heal my allergies, heal my eczema just by eating the right kinds of food. I was like, Sign me up!"

"Go in faith because it has transformed my life and I really have faith that it’s going to transform yours as well."
Cindy's Itchy, Bumpy Skin Went Away In Just Weeks!
"By following Amy’s protocol, my itchy bumpy hives were gone in just weeks! "

"No doctor has ever been able to give me an answer to my skin condition. I’m happy I have an answer and that there is a solution to my condition."

"It's not living when you’re taking medication every day. Amy made it really easy, really simple. She gives you this prepared procedure with lists and with instructions and step-by-step and ingredients, and everything. 

"Amy just makes it so easy. She really understands what you’re going through. So I would highly, highly recommend working with Amy."
Jessica Stopped Flaring Up And Even Lost 10 Pounds In Just 2 Weeks!
"Through the 3 weeks with Amy's program, my skin hasn't flared up and I'm actually healing! It’s been drying up and going away. So, I’m really happy with that."

"Another plus side is that my body aches are gone and I ended up losing 10 pounds!"

"So, I will be forever grateful to Amy, and I’m so happy I joined."
Marie Finally Took Control Of Her Body And Health Goals!
"Within 14 days I saw great results that I wasn’t even expecting to see. My inflammation went down and I lost an inch around my waist.

"The food is really good. I never felt hungry and I’m continuing the process even after the challenge just because the results have been so amazing, and I feel amazing! 

"You can tell the love that Amy has poured into this program. I highly recommend that you take Amy’s course."
"Eat Well, Be Well. Love Yourself, And Love Your Life"  - Copyright 2019 
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