Heal Yourself, And Watch The World Heal Around You.

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Give this world Healing Energy...
This Self Healer t-shirt is created to spread healing energy whenever we wear it. Every time we wear this, we remind ourselves (and others) that we have the power to heal our own body, mind, and spirit. The front and the back of this shirt has a ripple healing effect for anyone who comes near it. Watch! It's truly a healing miracle.

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Note: This t-shirt is unisex, and runs at least one size larger for the ladies. It is made with high quality, premium 100% cotton.

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About The Creator
Amy Zhou is a certified Holistic Health Coach and Medicine Woman. Her mission is to help others recognize their body's natural healing powers through her products, programs, courses, and trainings. 

After healing herself with food, love, compassion, joy, sunshine, nature and so much more, Amy created this Self Healer t-shirt as a reminder for herself and her students that we have been gifted with many healing tools. We simply have to remember to use them. It is her wish that you activate your own self-healing powers and watch the world heal around you because of it!
"Eat Well, Be Well. Love Yourself, And Love Your Life"
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